Osteria Moderna – Ristorante e pizzeria




Salmon sashimi marinated with purple carrot, served with agretti (opposite-leaved saltwort), turnip and ginger mayonnaise without egg

Seared scallops, cardoncelli mushrooms and peas

Tuna-style rabbit with spring sprouts, sweet provola cheese, strawberries and balsamic drops

Mixed asparagus with fried yolk egg and mustard dressing

Red turnip carpaccio, Russian salad with avocado, cashew butter and roasted seeds “Vegan”

Cheese tasting “Selezione Chiomento” with fruit and vegetables compote

Sauris raw ham, aged 22 months

Bellotta “Blazquez” Patanegra, aged 40 months (50 gr)


Squid ink spaghetti with clams, datterino tomatoes and tuna roe

Carnaroli risotto with nettle, served with Taleggio cheese fondue and crispy Sauris ham (2 persons minimum)

Big ravioli with asparagus, with seared morel mushrooms and marinated yolk egg

Potato gnocchi with shrimps bisque, cuttlefish and dried lime

Potato cream with wild herbs, hop shoots, purple potato chips and celeriac

Bigoli with traditional duck ragu

Rummo Penne pasta with turnip sauce, seeds crumble and aromatised bread “Vegan”


Baccalà alla vicentina with grilled polenta

Tuna tagliata and crispy vegetables

Oven roasted shrimps served with avocado sauce

Chopped Tuna tartare “Pinne Gialle” served with horseradish mayonnaise and olives from Taggia

Oven baked seabass fillet with potato cream, anchovies and seared mussles

Guinea fowl supreme cooked at low temperature, served with seared spring onion

Grilled lamb ribs, served with polenta from Marano

Chicken breast tagliata with asparagus from Bassano and potato rösti

Guanciale aromatised with amber beer, served with polenta from Marano and fried Jerusalem artichokes

Roast beef tagliata (300 gr) with rosemary and salt from Maldon

Chopped beef fillet tartare, served with chopped red onion, capers, horseradish mayonnaise and Dijone mustard

Manzetta prussiana fillet with truffle sauce from Colli Berici

Eggplant patties made with panko breadcrumbs, served with snow peas and vegan mayonnaise “Vegan”

Beef rib eye

Florentine beefsteak


Mixed salad, chicken stripes, sauce made with yogurt and mayonnaise, sweet Asiago cheese, parmesan shavings, toasted bacon

Mixed salad, tomatoes, burrata cheese stracciatella, oregano, mixed grilled vegetables

Insalata, Feta, cipolla di Tropea, origano, olive, cetrioli, Salad, feta cheese, Tropea onions, oregano, olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, yogurt sauce


Oven-baked potatoes

Mixed grilled vegetables

Pan-cooked wild herbs

Mixed salad