Osteria Moderna – Ristorante e pizzeria




Cheese tasting served with fruits and vegetable compotes

Parma ham that has been aged for a minimum of 22 months

40 months aged “Patanegra” of Bellota “Blàzquez” (0,10 lb)

Seared pilgrim scallops and foie gras, served on a saffron pumpkin cream

Seared squids, chickpea hummus, Panko bread with garlic and hot chili, semi-dry tomatoes

Brandade of Baccalà (stockfish) with beetroot, sweet&sour silver skin onions glazed with honey, crispy leek and polenta chips with poppy seed

Fennel and oranges pie served with mixed salad and almonds VEGETARIAN

Vegetables tempura served with wasabi vegan mayonnaise and yuzu (kind of citrus fruit) VEGAN

Red chicory stuffed with Tastasale (minced pork meet) and truffle, served on a cheese fondue


Tagliolini (fresh home-made long egg pasta) with pilgrim scallops and fresh porcini mushrooms

Bigoli (typical kind of pasta made with eggs) with duck ragoût

Risotto with black truffle VEGETARIAN
(min 2 people)

Squid ink Cappellacci (fresh home-made egg pasta similar to Ravioli) stuffed with stewed octopus and confit cherry tomatoes, served on purple potatoes cream and crispy leek

Pumpkin and celeriac soup with chips and toasted seeds VEGETARIAN

Curry flavoured whole cous-cous with dried fruits, nuts and served on a burned bell pepper cream, champignons mushrooms and hot sauce VEGAN


Tuna steak in a poppy seed crust with caponata

Sea-bass with cherry tomatoes, potatoes and olives

Gilthead fillet served with vegetable caponata

Tuna tartare

Beef tartare

Beef steak with rosemary and Maldon salt

Grilled beef tenderloin with green pepper sauce

Baccalà (stockfish) alla vicentina with polenta

Braised pork cheek with porcini mushrooms

Chicken steak in an herbs crust and served with chantarelles mushrooms

Guinea-hen stuffed with red chicory and pomegranate, served with grilled polenta

Smoked tofu with pumpkin and prunes “VEGAN”


Salad, Gorgonzola (italian blue cheese), pear, dried fruits, red onion

Salad, sliced chicken, yogurt and mayonnaise sauce, Asiago cheese, Grana (type of parmesan cheese) shavings and roasted bacon

Salad, olives, capers from Pantelleria, anchovies from Cantabrian Sea, cherry tomatoes

Salad, cherry tomatoes, stracciatella (sliced and very creamy mozzarella cheese), oregano and grilled vegetables


Roasted potatoes

Grilled vegetables

Mixed salad

Grilled red chicory