Osteria Moderna – Ristorante e pizzeria




Black rice with salmon tartare and salmon eggs

Shrimps salad with chickpea hummus and quinoa

Calf medaillon (cooked at low temperature) with tuna sauce, served with fennel and celery salad

Spinach flan with Bitto cheese foam and roasted pine nuts

Vegan caprese salad with silken tofu, marinated tomatoes, dried olives from Taggia, pesto and rice chips “Vegan”

Italian cheese tasting with fruit and vegetables compote

Sauris raw ham, aged 22 months

Bellotta “Blazquez” Patanegra, aged 40 months (50 gr)


Ravioli with seabass and lemon, served with Scarola cream, raisins and confit tomatoes

Homemade egg fusilli pasta with “scampi alla busara” and mussels

Fettuccine with black truffle and porcini mushroom

Peas and sweet peppers cream

Sweet potato gnocchi with butter flavoured with herbs and chili pepper

Bigoli with traditional duck ragu


Roastbeef served with rocket salad and cherry tomatoes

Sauris raw ham (aged 24 months), served with melon

Caprese salad made with buffalo mozzarella

Smoked swordfish carpaccio served with fennel salad, oranges and pink peppercorn


Brill fillet served with tomato cream, potatoes and fried aubergines

Calamari stuffed with shrimps and basil, served with clams and lime sauce

Baccalà alla vicentina served with grilled polenta

Tuna tagliata served with spinach salad and crispy vegetables

Codfish (cooked at low temperature) with porcini mushroom

Chopped tuna tartare “Pinne Gialle” served with horseradish mayonnaise and olives from Taggia

Chicken tagliata served with finferli mushroom and dried Patanegra ham

Duck breast tagliata (cooked at low temperature) with balsamic sauce

Grilled vegetables served with potatoes foam, mushrooms and truffle

Roast beef tagliata (300 gr) with rosemary and salt from Maldon

Chopped beef fillet tartare, served with chopped red onion, capers, horseradish mayonnaise and Dijone mustard

Grilled beef fillet

Dry-aged rib eye

Dry-aged Florentine beefsteak


Mixed salad, chicken stripes, sauce made with yogurt and mayonnaise, sweet Asiago cheese, parmesan shavings, toasted bacon

Mixed salad, tomatoes, burrata cheese stracciatella, oregano, mixed grilled vegetables

Insalata, Feta, cipolla di Tropea, origano, olive, cetrioli, Salad, feta cheese, Tropea onions, oregano, olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, yogurt sauce


Oven-baked potatoes

Mixed grilled vegetables

Pan-cooked wild herbs

Mixed salad